Liebeskind Berlin



»Anything can be achieved with the right people behind it«

Since March 2015, Monica was appointed to the position of Marketing Manager US for LIEBESKIND BERLIN. Although her department is currently small, that only makes them stronger and more motivated. Right now is an exciting time to be part of a growing family and brand. Monica’s task is to create a lifestyle and dreams that are compliant with the brand message of LIEBESKIND BERLIN. As part of this, Monica is expanding the company’s presence on the web and in social networks, contributing significantly to an increase in awareness. »As our growth continues, I know we will achieve greater goals and successes«, says Monica. The marketing woman knows what she’s talking about — she was previously PR and Marketing Manager of Addison and was part of the brand’s success from the beginning. »I see that there is no ceiling at LIEBESKIND BERLIN today«, says Monica.

Above all, she loves to meet new and inspiring people: editors, buyers, artists, entrepreneurs — people with the same passion and attitude: »I like to see it more as an interest and lifestyle than a job. Everything is exciting. There is never a dull moment, ever.« As Marketing Manager US, Monica shoulders considerable responsibility, but at the same time every challenge and effort comes with a sense of achievement. The job allows her to test out her own limits and advance her career: »I always strive to do it all, and I am the type of person who will always push myself. I believe the key is to know your limits, and know when to recharge.« In New York, her hometown, the Marketing Manager US finds her balance: attending various events, getting to know new places and different people with different interests. »It's a privilege to be given so many options at once, almost instantly. New York amazes me by the day.«, she says. When it comes to fashion sense, Monica prefers casual-cool, wearable — to be comfortable and elegant at the same time. »My attitude towards fashion, in general, is to be yourself. But I think it is important to keep your eyes peeled for emerging trends, and to always stay in touch with what's going on in the present day.« It’s an attitude that also represents LIEBESKIND BERLIN. After all, this is where wearable fashion meets the latest trends. During Berlin’s Premium fashion fair in July 2015, Monica met the German marketing team for the first time. »I can see where the strength, direction and focus on being your absolute best comes from. The family is the foundation of the success so I believe in its core values and respect their strategies and direction«, says Monica. In her company, as Marketing Manager US, she sees no limit to her growth and realizes there is tremendous potential: » I hope to continue to grow within my area of responsibility and know that if I can move the needle of brand awareness, success will be achieved by the brand, the team and myself.«