Q/S designed by

Marianna Hardt

Senior Designerfor Q/S designed by & Woven

»For me it is especially important to arrive at work each morning with a good feeling.«

For Marianna Hardt it’s all about Q/S designed by ‒ that much is clear. The fabric is an all-rounder, moving effortlessly from daily use to elegance, and the ways in which it can be processed are endless. »I love to be able to immerse myself for a while in my creative jeans chaos«, enthuses the Senior Designer for Q/S designed by and Woven at Q/S designed by women. In addition to her responsibilities in the production process, cooperation with other departments and development of ideas, she needs some time for playful creativity. Then she briefly gets lost among the hundreds of Q/S designed by patterns that cover the walls and floor. This opportunity for creativity is also the result of a comfortable working atmosphere. »My team has been like a second family. You spend a lot of time together on projects. We are like a little creative anthill, hardworking, funny and very productive! For me it is especially important to arrive at work each morning with a good feeling.«

Marianna has been at s.Oliver for the past ten years now – cause for celebration and also time to look back on a decade of exciting experiences. She began with an internship immediately after completing her fashion design studies. She soon became a designer for T-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories. Four years later she moved into the Q/S designed by product group. Two years ago, she added the woven group to her remit. »My main task is to create a twice-yearly Q/S designed by-pool concept for Q/S designed by women.« At the beginning of each season there is a Q/S designed by briefing in which styles, fabrics, washes and details are sent to the agencies in the production countries. The result are the many Q/S designed by patterns designed especially for s.Oliver. Upon receipt of the pattern a Q/S designed by collection pool is put together, based on recent trends, market information and sales evaluations. Then Marianna creates the technical drawings, finds the fabrics, determines the fit and confirms the respective washes for each individual style. Typically she works closely with the agencies on location, for example, in Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Bangladesh or Turkey. »I always thought that the fashion industry was very hard and the working environment uncomfortable. Personally, the positive mood in Rottendorf really surprised me. That’s one of the reasons why I am still at s.Oliver«, she says. And there’s another aspect of the company she appreciates: the opportunities for career advancement: »I started right after completing my design degree as an unexperienced rookie and am now an experienced senior designer for Q/S designed byand woven. That makes me proud and happy. Such a path would often be impossible to follow at other companies.« She also puts her experience to use in other areas. Alongside her day job, Marianna has founded her own small family business called »Marijaka«. Together with her grandmother and her mother she uses diligent handwork to produce colourful organic crocheted animals for children. »The fashion industry is very impulsive, and the wheels never stop turning. It never gets boring«, she says, as she explains her motivation. One goal remains, however: »My personal vision is to develop the perfect Q/S designed by trousers – they will be a timeless favourite for many customers and one that will still provide happiness after ten years in the wardrobe.«