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There are many good reasonsfor the Freier Group Austria

If you give the best to your business than the business will give back its best. You will receive support from the very beginning and have the chance to develop your skills as well as having fun at work. Discover the many reasons why a start at the Freier Group Austria is just for you!


Founded in 1969 by Bernd Freier, the s.Oliver Group has developed in just a few decades into one of the leading European fashion companies. With its international interest in fashion it excites people around the world. Here’s a list of a few facts.

Culture &Values

That means: quality has its price. Above all, ours has a value. Because it is living values that make our corporate culture unique. And that contribute to our employees being proud to work for us.

Why join theFreier Group Austria

Focusing on staff and employees is an attitude and a mission that show not only in an employer’s big initiatives but also in the little details. For us this is always part of our corporate philosophy.

CPD &career opportunities

The s.Oliver Group depends on the personal, professional and social strengths of its employees. They are the soul of our business and the driving force of our success. So you can rely on us to support you and help you develop where we can – individually and in a targeted way!

Live &Work

The Freier Group Austria wants you to be able to combine your job successfully with your private life. So we have a holistic approach which aims to create basic conditions that ideally meet employees’ personal needs.


Susanne Hofscheuer

Head of LIEBESKIND Berlin Austria & Italy

“Be open minded, go abroad, learn as many languages as you can and simply enjoy life.“

Nico Seibt

Senior Buyer e-Commerce in der s.Oliver Group

“The coolest thing is dealing with fashion every day.“

Karen Janssen

Visual Store Merchandiser bei s.Oliver

“The coolest thing about my job is that you always go with fashion and follow current trends.“


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