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We connectvalues to success

That means: quality has its price. Above all, ours has a value. Because it is living values that make our corporate culture unique. And that contribute to our employees being proud to work for us.

7,200 employees with one goal

The s.Oliver Group consists of around 7,200 employees worldwide full of passion, dedication and team spirit, who make every effort to ensure that our customers feel good in themselves. That’s what we work for every day, that’s what brings our corporate values to life. They are the ideals by which we orient our cooperation. And you can’t just see the result, you can also feel it: a work environment that makes you feel good.

The s.Oliver Group is a large, financially independent family business. This allows us to shape our future autonomously. Everyone who works for us is part of our vision and can contribute their abilities and their ideas – with enthusiasm and a love of detail. Our independence and self-awareness form the basis for our strong sense of solidarity. We grow daily, and if necessary we surpass ourselves.

Courage – an important characteristic for making decisions and shouldering responsibility. It was the courageous decisions of our company founder to do things differently to everyone else that meant he succeeded in just a few decades in building the s.Oliver Group into one of the leading European fashion companies. Courage, coupled with Bavarian pragmatism, makes us innovative and unique – as our commercial success impressively proves.

It’s the little things that have a big effect. A friendly gesture, an unexpected smile – all these things make every day a little special and make cooperation valuable. Because we understand this, we place great value on treating one another respectfully and with trust within the corporate family. Our team spirit and the positive attitude of each individual are the basis for our goals and our success.

Visionary ideas, courageous decisions and positive team spirit – these bind us and make us successful. So we are always happy when new people join: people who complement and inspire our team, and who can identify with our values.


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