Liebeskind Berlin



»I am extremely proud of our success to date«

»I wake up every morning knowing a new day will bring new challenges and as each are met, I feel a sense of accomplishment for not only for myself but for the individual and the team«, says Elaine. After some notable career stints at Gucci, Fendi and Tommy Hilfiger, in 2014 it was time for Elaine to share her experiences with a new, young brand, an international label that would benefit from her impressive CV. »I began my career with LIEBESKIND BERLIN at a time when the company was looking to change the existing strategy«, Elaine explains. And it seems she was in the right place at the right time. As CEO of the Executive Management, today she leads and directs the entire corporate management at its New York location.

Together with her team, Elaine developed new concepts to increase retail and wholesale sales in the US market. And after a period of months, the plans started to bear fruit. »I am extremely proud of our success to date. It’s exciting and rewarding to see the many strategies that were put into place are now being executed and returning favorable results. The team continues to grow and this is a sign of everyone being aligned and focusing on the same goals«, Elaine says. The best thing about her job is its constant development, a factor that she also appreciates when it comes to her colleagues. »There is nothing more satisfying than knowing the team is growing both personally and professionally.« Here, a good working environment is extremely important for the team motivation of a company. One year after she began at LIEBESKIND BERLIN the team is moving into a new office. More space for more ideas and innovation! Her daily routine into work requires Elaine to commute four hours every day. Now that her children are independent and out of the house, she and her husband hope to move closer to New York City. As her job requires so much of her time and energy, Elaine realizes she needs to spend some time optimizing her work-life balance: »My commitment and passion to do my very best and to allow for team growth often means I may neglect my own personal time. I need to plan for holidays to rejuvenate as a fresh perspective on the business is always needed.« And you can be sure that she will be packing LIEBESKIND BERLIN in her luggage, as Elaine confesses that she’s a genuine fashion lover: »I wear the products daily and love being a part of the brand growth. I have become a bit more edgy with my style and love hearing clients and friends say it appeals to my ever evolving fashion style — ›The Berlin meets Brooklyn vibe‹. From fashion magazines to visiting retail store locations, I am a fashionista at heart.«