Change of Management at s.Oliver Group: CEO Dr Gernot Lenz leaves the company

ROTTENDORF, 11. 10. 2018

A change of management will take place at the s.Oliver Group. Dr Gernot Lenz, CEO, will leave the company for differences of opinion on the management of the company.

For the present, Mr Bernd Freier who had worked in this position in the company until 2014 will take over the management. Currently, the founder of the fashion company is chairman of the advisory board. The company is located at Rottendorf, Germany and achieves global sales with its fashion brands of around EUR 1.5bn. 

Before he joined s.Oliver, Mr Lenz worked as Chief Operating Officer at Tommy Hilfiger Global and at PVH Europe. Company founder Bernd Freier thanked the leaving CEO for his services.


s.Oliver Group, founded by Bernd Freier in 1969, has grown to become one of the leading European fashion companies within a few decades. The company employs 6,800 members of staff internationally. In addition to the brands s.Oliver, s.Oliver BLACK LABEL, Q/S designed by and TRIANGLE, also the brands comma, comma casual identity and LIEBESKIND BERLIN are part of the company's portfolio.


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