s.Oliver and its employees donate €30,000 to charities in Würzburg

Rottendorf, 15. 04. 2016

s.Oliver and its employees donate €30,000 to charities in Würzburg. Last year, the employees of the s.Oliver Group decided together with the company management to do without the usual staff Christmas gift and to use the budget provided for this purpose to the benefit of charities instead.

Thanks to this campaign, s.Oliver employee representatives and HR Capital Director Reinhold Werthmann were able to hand over two big cheques at the s.Oliver headquarters on Tuesday, 5 April 2016. Goldenes Kinderdorf, the Children’s Village of Würzburg, was delighted to receive a donation of €10,000. The cheque was presented to Roland Elsdörfer, the organisation’s managing director, Carmen Engesser, deputy manager of the Children’s Village, and Renate Kleinhans, manager of the houses.

s.Oliver employee representatives Philip Ponnath and Martina Lorenz said that it had been very important to everyone to forgo the little gift in order to do good with the donation. Mr Werthmann was also very pleased about the social commitment and explained that it was consciously decided to donate the amount to Goldenes Kinderdorf in order to support a local children’s charity. Since, according to him, the need of one’s own community should not be forgotten.

"With this donation, the 36 children who are currently living in the houses of Goldenes Kinderdorf and in shared housing can be equipped with new bedding they are urgently in need of," said Mr Elsdörfer delightedly. And on top of that, they can now also buy new toys and jerseys for the German-wide Kido-Cup, which is an absolute highlight event for the children.

The cancer charity "Hilfe im Kampf gegen Krebs" was happy to receive a cheque for €20,000. The donation was given to Gabriele Nelkenstock, chairwoman of the association. She described the important work of the cancer research at the University Hospital of Würzburg. The research in this field under the direction of Prof. Dr. Einsele is on the verge of a medical breakthrough, and development funds are urgently needed. Reinhold Werthmann was impressed by Ms Nelkenstock’s passionate commitment and said: "Especially in the battle against cancer, an issue which eventually affects the living environment of almost everyone, broad support by the public and by independent associations such as the one chaired by Ms Nelkenstock is crucial."

The s.Oliver Group, which was founded by Bernd Freier in 1969, grew into one of Europe’s leading fashion companies within just a few decades. In 2014, the group achieved a brand turnover of 1.63 billion Euros and employed about 7,400 people all over the world. In addition to the s.Oliver, s.Oliver DENIM, s.Oliver PREMIUM and TRIANGLE brands, the company’s portfolio also includes comma and Liebeskind Berlin.


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