Our Organisation

The actions of each individual are crucial for the success of our sustainability strategy. We believe this is the key to moving the s.Oliver Group even further in the direction of sustainability. For this reason, we are taking an integrated approach to sustainability and fostering a culture that promotes responsible action.

To be able to coordinate sustainability along the entire value chain, the s.Oliver Group has a clearly defined organizational structure. This extends from top management and the Global Sustainability department to Sustainability Ambassadors and coordinators in various divisions and sourcing countries. This will ensure that sustainable action can take full effect in our day-to-day business and will reach our partners and consumers.

Global Sustainability Team

The Global Sustainability & Supplier Relationship Management specialist division, headed by Sabrina Müller, is responsible for the development and implementation of the s.Oliver Group's global sustainability strategy. The division reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer, Oliver Hein, and the Executive Board.

The team supports the specialist divisions in the implementation and further development of the sustainability goals, so that together they can drive the transformation towards sustainable corporate activities. The division's day-to-day activities include:

  • Monitoring human and environmental requirements in the supply chain
  • Verifying responsible production conditions via a risk management system
  • Risk analysis
  • Coordinating preventive measures with international partners
  • Coordinating higher-level and departmental stakeholder management
  • The strategic management of product standards and certificates

Contact: Sabrina Müller, Head of Sustainability
E-mail: team.sustainability@de.soliver.com

Cross-Departmental Work

Many of the sustainability topics and tasks are relevant across different departments, such as responsible product and fiber management, corporate environmental management, and sustainability communication. This is where the Global Sustainability team acts as a facilitator and change agent at the intersection between different areas. They work closely with various brands, sourcing agencies, and the Purchasing, Compliance, Marketing, Sales, HR, and Facility Management departments.

To ensure the successful and lasting cooperation in the field of sustainability, we have appointed Sustainability Ambassadors in various departments, who form a central part of our structure. Our Sustainability Ambassadors provide a link between the different departments by taking responsibility for operative implementation, acting as contact persons, and supporting the strategy process.


Transparency is becoming increasingly important. This is why we published all of the s.Oliver Group's active tier 1 suppliers on the Open Apparel Registry (OAR) for the first time in November 2020, as part of the sustainability program, and as members of the Alliance for Sustainable Textiles. By publishing the names and addresses of our production sites in the OAR interactive map, we are helping to improve supply chain transparency. Today, we are working intensively to achieve even greater transparency in the deeper structures of our supply chain, including tier 2 and tier 3, and will publish results as we progress.

Please find our current supplier list here.