Animal welfare

Animals are fellow inhabitants of our earth. They have feelings and are worthy of protection. Respecting their well-being and preserving their diversity is an important and serious matter for the s.Oliver Group.

Animal Welfare Policy

With this in mind, we stopped using and selling real fur and real-fur trimmings in 2006, and have been an official signatory of the international Fur Free Retailer-Program, in Germany represented by the animal welfare organisation “Vier Pfoten” (Four Paws), since 2013. We do not use angora wool in our products, and in 2018, the s.Oliver Group decided to stop using mohair in its collections as well; accordingly, all our collections are mohair-free since 2020.

Where we continue to use animal-derived materials, the s.Oliver Group and its brands are guided by the internationally recognised Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare. In our Animal Welfare Policy we specify the principles and standards we have set for ourselves and our suppliers. For example, in down processing we have committed to banning feathers and down from live plucked or stuffed mast. In addition, we use recycled down. For non-recycled down, we use a certification that ensures responsible sourcing.

Sector-wide commitment

We see transparency and verifiable controls as decisive success factors in maximising the effectiveness of and further improving animal welfare protection – in our supply chain and in the industry as a whole. The s.Oliver Group seeks to actively promote progress in this area and is in dialogue with other companies, industry associations, trade associations, standard organisations and animal welfare experts in this matter. Among other things, we recognise promising approaches in the raising of awareness among the protagonists of the procurement process – from dealers to farmers – and in increasing the availability of animal welfare-certified materials.

Alternative materials

In addition, we already offer our customers a wide selection of products from non-animal, plant-based, or synthetic sources. To keep expanding this range in future, and to consider sustainable and environmentally friendly factors in particular, our Product Development is continuously looking into innovative material alternatives. Read more about sustainable products here.