Q/S designed by

Jennifer Poppenberg


"s.Oliver leaves you plenty of scope for thinking and acting independently and taking responsibility".

Jennifer joined s.Oliver on a scholarship programme in 2013, immediately after completing her vocational training as a bespoke tailor. After working in numerous departments and gaining lots of experience, she became a fully-fledged "garment engineer" in 2015, a position she now also holds at "Q/S designed by" Women, where she is responsible for the flat knit knitwear, blouses and accessories product groups. Jennifer's job is to ensure that the products that leave the s.Oliver company are of an outstanding quality both in terms of fit and material. She is therefore constantly in contact with the agencies in Asia – both on the phone and also via video conferencing. Anyone who has worked with international companies knows that the different mentalities can sometimes lead to misunderstandings which then have to be sorted out. However, Jennifer enjoys exactly these cultural challenges and the internationality most about her job; she feels that they have given her a cosmopolitan outlook on life.

As far as Jennifer is concerned, the old saying "travel broadens the mind" should go on to say "and helps you to make friends". As early as in her first year with the company, she had the opportunity to travel to Asia to visit the production sites, yarn suppliers and laundries in person. However, that trip was about much more: "I became friends with some of the people I met, and these friendships now make my working life so much easier." And the colleagues in Rottendorf? "When I was still on the scholarship programme, I was already impressed by the way people work with each other here. We have a lot of fun as we go about our jobs. The relaxed but concentrated working atmosphere creates a dynamic that is decisive for creative and focused working." Jennifer enjoys taking on responsibility. She loves being able to work independently and to contribute her ideas. "s.Oliver gave me a lot of freedom right from the start." She really appreciates the flat hierarchies and partnership-based approach to work. "The working atmosphere is simply brilliant, which made it easy for me to find my feet and to take on responsibility quite early on in my career." Fashion not only rules Jennifer's work but also her private life. "Fashion plays a very important role in my life. I have my own individual style and I don't just keep to one line. It's often easy to combine the different collections and product lines with each other." And, as we're talking about her private life anyway, what does she most enjoy doing in her leisure time? "My favourite way to spend my time off is to sit with my boyfriend on the banks of the river Main, drinking a glass of regionally grown white wine." The ultimate way to enjoy the Franconian way of life!