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As a subsidiary of the Freier Group in Germany, s.Oliver Benelux is a dynamic and rapidly expanding organization that is active in wholesale, retail, concession, fashion sale, and franchise. Our organization currently has around 250 employees.

'Join, contribute, develop, feel good' – these are the stages within s.Oliver that each employee will experience.

The Human Resources department in particular feels that these steps embody its aim to motivate and encourage employees. While it may be important to aim for development and to pursue long-term career planning, in fact every step experienced by an employee is important. It is about ensuring that there is emotion attached to the job and ensuring that employees enjoy coming to work.

It is about working at a financially independent and stylish family company that has consolidated its place in a rapidly changing world thanks to its dynamic working environment and the value it attaches to the well-being of its employees.

All brands under one roof

As a large family of companies, the s.Oliver Group unites different lifestyles that are reflected in the brands s.Oliver RED LABEL, s.Oliver BLACK LABEL, Q/S designed by, TRIANGLE, comma and LIEBESKIND BERLIN. Since 2003, the s.Oliver Group has also had its own subsidiaries in Austria, Switzerland and Benelux.

s.Oliver RED LABEL

The s.Oliver RED LABEL is a casual collection that bears the traditional red s.Oliver label. The brand is easy-going, authentic, and easy to mix and match. It is also more colourful and sporty than other brands in this segment. The s.Oliver RED LABEL is very strong in knitwear, jersey and denim, as well as in blouses and shirts. Outdoor, Bodywear, Junior, Licences and Accessories complete the portfolio.


The s.Oliver BLACK LABEL is an event-oriented collection offering great value for money. Easy to understand and democratic in fit with specific focuses on modern business & occasion clothing. The looks impress with high-quality materials and set the same high standards for quality and wearability.

Q/S designed by

Q/S designed by stands for people who live, communicate and know how to make a statement. Exciting changes of direction, a desire for new sounds, and a distinctive sense of style motivate the makers of the brand every day. This creates fashion that combines urban cool with the “next big thing”. Complications are definitely not what we want, but it also shouldn’t be boring.


TRIANGLE represents discerning casual chic with an informal, feminine coolness, and therefore offers women a fashion style that suits their lives, their personalities and their bodies. TRIANGLE wants to bring the zeitgeist of current trends to fashion-conscious women.


comma, feminine fashion for modern women. Paris, London, New York – comma represents looks that are inspired by the great centres of fashion. Whether it’s a business look, casual style or glamorous event – this ravishing feminine fashion suits any occasion and is always something special. With twelve collections a year it delivers non-stop inspiration for discerning women who are enthusiastic about fashion.


LIEBESKIND BERLIN reflects the variety of the German capital in every single part of its collection. Whether accessories or ready-to-wear – you always sense that special attitude to life that arises from a sense of cool, individuality, and a certain nonchalance. Combined with a feel for fashion and trends, that’s LIEBESKIND BERLIN.

Where the thread comes together

Our various brands bring-out twelve collections per year. All collections are in excellent quality, in various sizes and where you get the best prize for the value of the product. That is a whole lot, therefore there are quite a few departments and steps that need to be controlled and managed by our staff.

Finance & Control

The finance &control department register all company activities in figures, they control and report, to get information which supports the company in taking decisions processes.

The entire department manages the value of the organization based on the registered financial data and owns the payment-flows.

Central Sales Services

The department Central Sales Services is the first contact person for the internal and external customers. They control the commercial process to create a base for our revenue development. Besides that a few of our Customer sales colleagues are also part of the team for the reception.

Sales Processen & Operations

The department SP&O is a department who is responsible fort he commercial and personal safety for all of our work locations and points of Sale, stock accounting, facility services, EDI connection with our partner. Furthermore they are the first contact for IT issues en are responsible for the correct processing of our data in our systems.

Payroll Management

The department Payroll management has got as main task the correct payment of every month for all of our employees in Benelux, for the Dutch Bv and Belgium BVBA. All related social securities, income taxes are managed and paid to the government. Besides that they take care of the total insurances for employer and employee, work every year intensive on the personalcost -planning, supply management reports of default and FTE reports.

Human Resources

The department Human Resources is the department that besides recruitement of enthousiastic and motivated new people, also supports to realize a healthy work environment, and take care of the development of their employees. The right employees for the right position. The HR Consultant visits on a regular base the Retail stores and Outlet stores and intamitley involved with our Concession employees. At HR they also make the labor contracts, leave requests and sickleave.

While most of the commercial departments are based at Maastricht Aachen Airport, their duties mean they often need to move around in the market and visit our other locations. The commercial departments encompass Marketing & PR, Visual Merchandising (VM), Shop & Store Design (S&SD), Country Merchandising (CMD), and Planning & Allocation (P&A).

Marketing & PR

The Marketing & PR department has the task of developing, coordinating, and implementing marketing campaigns and PR activities on a strategic and operational level. This can vary from general branding activities of the s.Oliver brand, such as organizing trade fairs and events, to setting up local campaigns for various sales outlets, such as organizing styling events and fashion shows. The department is also responsible for outlining a global marketing strategy for the Benelux countries, including media planning and a marketing agenda. In order to focus as much attention as possible on s.Oliver in various media channels, the Marketing & PR department is continuously engaged in Public Relations activities, as part of which they build up and maintain a network of contacts in the regional and national trade press and consumer press. Working in this department also necessarily involves writing press releases and collection reports, as well as keeping up to date with all the developments in your specialist area. Finally, the Marketing & PR department also engages in sponsoring activities and the associated marketing activities. Of course, this all goes hand in hand with communication through various social media channels.

Visual Merchandising

The Visual Merchandising department takes care of the visual and commercial layout and presentation of our retail stores while also supporting our franchise partners, various wholesale customers, and the s.Oliver shops in concession. This involves presenting our monthly collections on the shop floor, checking our CI, monitoring signage and the general appearance of our shops and stores, and building and furnishing the displays in the stores on a monthly basis. The team performs these tasks for s.Oliver's own lines as well as for the brand 'Comma'. Whereas we work with instore visual merchandisers in retail, the shops in franchise and wholesale are managed by the travelling VM team. As the visual merchandisers have a clear coaching role for all employees in the shops and stores, they also provide regular trainings. If one of our lines is being presented at a trade fair, this department helps to set up and present the line. They also visit the showrooms in Almere and Brussels for every sales round in order to present the collection in an attractive way.

The Shop & Store Design department is involved at an early stage in openings of new branches and shops, as well as renovation works to existing branches and shops. They check drawings, order hardware and software, and visit branches and shops to ensure that aspects are implemented according to plan and as desired. This entails a great deal of contact with the Architecture department at our headquarters in Germany, as well as with the various supporting and commercial departments in the Benelux countries.

Country Merchandising

The Country Merchandising department is responsible for purchasing goods for our own shops in retail and concession. Given that a new collection is launched each month for each line, employees from this department travel to Germany on a monthly basis for the order recap. During the order round, an assessment is made within one week for all these channels to determine which collections we intend to sell to our customers roughly four months later. All these orders are made during this week. During the other weeks, employees from this department visit the locations to gain the necessary market and customer information and provide their input and possibly make decisions, in consultation with the planner and allocator, regarding markdowns or the reallocation of goods.

The Planning & Allocation department can be viewed as the bank for the country merchandisers. In consultation with the Planning & Allocation department in Germany, this department manages and monitors the budget that is available for the monthly order rounds for each location and line. This department provides advice in terms of markdowns and the allocation of the goods. Alongside this, the department has a managerial role and assumes part of the NOOS management.

Our employees who are active in the showrooms in Almere and Brussels, retail stores, concession shops, and fashion sale are eager to serve our customers. We show great enthusiasm in presenting our collections to customers via the showrooms and sales outlets below.

Showrooms in Almere and Brussels

Each month, the POS- manager sell a new collection from the line for which they are responsible to all channels. This takes place from both of our showrooms (Almere for customers based in the Netherlands; Brussels for customers based in Belgium and Luxembourg). We usually see both wholesale customers and franchise partners come to these showrooms in order to make their purchases. Led by the head of sales, the POS- manager is responsible for the proper filling of the location and for providing figures-based advice to his or her customers. In light of this task, we consider our sales representatives to be strategic partners for their customers.


In 2016 we had nine retail stores in the Benelux countries. These were the Netherlands-based stores in Enschede, Maastricht, Sittard, and Venlo, and the Belgium-based stores in Leuven, Hasselt, Nivelles, Diest, and Vilvoorde. Our sales advisors assume an active role in approaching customers so as to support them in their purchases on the basis of good-quality and honest customer advice. The instore visual merchandiser takes care of the commercial appearance of the shop, which stimulates customers to make purchases. The floor manager or assistant store manager and the store manager are responsible for managing employees in the store. Therefore, they coach and motive their employees, draw up work rotas and timesheets, and monitor and stimulate turnover. s.Oliver is always looking for young talent with a passion for retail. Where possible, you will be able to develop yourself further within the organization. Please go to our site to read about the success stories. Feel free to come have a look around one of our stores!


Since 1999, a number of s.Oliver's lines have been present at the large Belgian department store
Galeria Inno in a form of collaboration called 'Concession'. This means that employees of s.Oliver manage one or several shops within the department store. The shops are supplied daily with s.Oliver goods, and we use s.Oliver materials to furnish the shops. Employees in concession are responsible for ensuring goods are on the shop floor in good time. With the support of visual merchandisers, these employees also have the task of presenting goods commercially and actively stimulating purchasing. We are always looking for enthusiastic, presentable, and results-driven employees who are passionate about their job and are extremely goal-oriented.

Fashion Sale

Our Fashion Sale channel currently encompasses three Dutch outlets: the first in the centre of Vaals, the second in the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet in Roermond, and the third outlet in the Rosada Fashion Outlet in Roosendaal. These shops sell almost all of the products on our lines, but at a discount of at least 30%. The stock turnover of the collections is very high, meaning no two days are the same and customers are offered something new each time they visit the shop. The employees here are responsible for the stocking-up of shops, the layout and presentation of collections in the shops and displays, and, of course, sales to customers.


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