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s.Oliver Group?

10 good reasons forjoining the s.Oliver Group

Focusing on staff and employees is an attitude and a mission that show not only in an employer’s big initiatives but also in the little details. For the s.Oliver Group this is always part of our corporate philosophy.

1. We have a clear objective in our corporate strategy.

  • VISION STATEMENT: Our primary strategic goal is to develop the s.Oliver Group into a leading global fashion player.
    At the same time, we focus on long-term, sustainable corporate success – in harmony with social standards and values.
  • MISSION STATEMENT: At the heart of our strategy is our customers and their enthusiasm for our brands.
    As a multi-brand and omnichannel business with maximum vertical integration and digitisation, we turn our customers into brand fans. 

2. With our strong, differentiated range of brands we want to deliver the right product whatever the customer needs.

  • The s.Oliver RED LABEL is a casual collection that bears the traditional red s.Oliver label. The brand is easy-going, authentic, and easy to mix and match. It is more colourful and sporty than other brands in this segment. The s.Oliver RED LABEL is very strong in knitwear, jersey and denim, as well as in blouses and shirts. Outdoor, Bodywear, Licences and Accessories complete the portfolio.
  • The s.Oliver BLACK LABEL is an event-oriented collection offering great value for money. Easy to understand and democratic in fit with specific focuses on modern business & occasion clothing. The looks impress with high-quality materials and high standards for quality and wearability.
  • TRIANGLE represents discerning casual chic with an informal, feminine coolness, and therefore offers women a fashion style that suits their lives, their personalities and their bodies. TRIANGLE wants to bring the zeitgeist of current trends to fashion-conscious women.
  • Q/S designed by stands for people who live, communicate and know how to make a statement. Exciting changes of direction, a desire for new sounds, and a distinctive sense of style motivate the makers of the brand every day. This creates fashion that combines urban cool with the “next big thing”. Complications are definitely not wanted, but it also shouldn’t be boring.
  • COMMA, FEMININE FASHION FOR MODERN WOMEN. Paris, London, New York – comma represents looks that are inspired by the great centres of fashion. Whether it’s a business look, casual style or glamorous event – this ravishing feminine fashion suits any occasion and is always something special. With twelve collections a year it delivers non-stop inspiration for discerning women who are enthusiastic about fashion.
  • LIEBESKIND BERLIN reflects the variety of the German capital in every single part of its collection. Whether accessories or ready-to-wear – you always fell that special attitude to life that arises from a sense of cool, individuality, and a certain nonchalance. Combined with a feel for fashion and trends, that’s LIEBESKIND BERLIN.

3. Our sales strategy is omnichannel.

Whatever the channel that connects us to our customers, we want to deliver first-class work. It’s the same for our own stores, our franchise partners and our retail partners spaces, as well as our online shops. First-class customer service and targeted communications are essential to us. And our logistics subsidiary, Freier Group Logistics, also identifies 100% with this service promise. It sees to the careful, prompt and efficient handling of all processes from the receiving dock to POS (Point of Sale). In this way it ensures that s.Oliver Group products are always available at the right time and in the right place for our customers.

4. A cosmopolitan attitude, international character, intercultural skills and curiosity for everything that is new are our conviction and not just lip service.

Founded in 1969 by Bernd Freier, the s.Oliver Group has developed in just a few decades into one of the leading European fashion companies and delights people around the globe with an international interest in fashion. Every day we set out from our HQ in Rottendorf near Würzburg to conquer the world with our products – and in return to be inspired by ideas from all over the world. We are active in around 35 international markets. We have defined our core markets as Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia.

5. We have ambitious goals that we measure ourselves by.

1. Result-oriented growth
2. Leading international brands
3. Maximum vertical integration focused on the end-customer
4. Systematic digitisation
5. Best-in-Class operations

6. We like personalities to work for us that fill our brands and our business with life.

A sense of enthusiasm, creativity and enjoyment of the job is as important to us as expertise, quality and reliability. We love fashion and the changes that new trends and the resulting collections bring. We believe in visions and we surpass ourselves when it is called for.

7. A good start with our mentoring programme and OnBoarding.

To ensure a good start in our company you will have a mentor from your department to help you in the first few days. They will be your contact for all organisational questions and look forward to welcoming you to the team. In addition, our two-day OnBoarding programme will make sure that you get to know our company well and can discuss things with other new colleagues.

8. We offer our staff a holistic career development and qualification concept.

As a permanent full-time or part-time employee at the s.Oliver Group you receive a constructive annual performance assessment. During a personal chat with your superior you review the year, assess your development and performance, and compare them to your expectations and needs. This is always handled with respect. Together you reflect on what went well and where there is potential for improvement. Thinking ahead, actions are agreed that bring you closer to our shared goals. You can receive individual support including professional courses and training from our s.Oliver Group Academy.

9. We place high value on a healthy work/life balance.

We want you to feel at ease in the s.Oliver Group and to be able to combine your job successfully with your private life. How this works can vary widely from employee to employee, so we try to create basic conditions that will meet your personal needs. Flexible work hours, our own MiniClub kindergarten, a home office option for certain jobs, and many other employer benefits are all designed to help you balance your private and your professional life harmoniously.

10. Attractive additional financial benefits complete the perfect package.

Besides a diverse programme of qualifications and an employee-friendly work/life balance we also offer many attractive additional financial benefits. These include private capital formation benefits, a company pension, and the offer of occupational disability insurance. You can also enjoy employee benefits, allowances for use of public transport and wide-ranging sport and fitness provisions.


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