Liebeskind Berlin



»We can only do what we do today based on the core strength of the past«

A family of creatives — all of them getting involved, pulling together, thinking big. One member of the LIEBESKIND BERLIN family is Nicole. As Director Sales in New York, she has an overview of the North American business and leads the Key Account Management. After professional experience with international brands such as Benetton and Sisley in America, Canada, the Bahamas and Bermuda, in 2012 she brought her expertise to LIEBESKIND BERLIN. It was a great opportunity for the German-born Nicole, who was able to combine her professional skills with the advantages of a native speaker. As the only German-speaking team member she still finds herself in many amusing situations: from clarifying cultural differences to translation of ambiguous conversations and emails.

She is particularly proud of all the changes in the last few years, in which she played a significant role: »I lived through many challenges and changes to the LIEBESKIND North America business structure. Our key to success is building upon the new strategies and seeing the fruits of our labor.« Nicole has helped strengthen the brand with dedication and passion, and has seen business double in the last year. »We can only do what we do today based on the core strength of the past.« It has been great for her to see how the efforts of recent years have paid off — and provides more motivation for future challenges. And what does she love about LIEBESKIND BERLIN herself? The attitude towards life that has conveyed the brand and to which it has remained loyal over the years. »As time moves forward, I hope the brand does not lose its core values and reason for being.  However I hope to take the brand to another level of success in the US, Canadian and Latin markets.« LIEBESKIND BERLIN allows Nicole to pursue her career and at the same time gives her the possibility to help build and influence the business — at various levels. In particular, she appreciates the commitment, enthusiasm and the hand-in-hand ethos that she finds in her team and among her colleagues. Despite the strong feeling of family and friendship, it is still important to focus on a common goal: »There is no time for nonsense and chatter.  As a small close knit team, it is important we all support each other.« From the day she began until now: Nicole puts her heart and soul into LIEBESKIND BERLIN. »My boss always says, that I exude the target persona, as I am wearing LIEBESKIND BERLIN from head-to-toe and always proud to represent the brand. Fashion is individual to a person and my style is much like the LIEBESKIND girl.«, Nicole explains proudly.