Gina Condé

DivisionHead Women

"BLACK LABEL is more than just a job, it's a vocation, and everyone pulls together. Everything is hotly discussed, but we also celebrate success together."

Creativity is a good thing, but it shouldn't be too outlandish. Finding the perfect balance and getting this creativity onto the right track – i.e. ensuring that it is marketable – has been Gina Condé's job since 2012: "As the Division Head, I am responsible for the strategic focus of the s.Oliver BLACK LABEL Women collection." The trousers, blouses, tops and T-shirts that will later be sold in the stores have to match the brand. The fact that Gina herself is one of BLACK LABEL Women's best customers is of course an advantage in her job: "Many of my favourite pieces are from BLACK LABEL Women. I can really identify with our products." Gina has a very responsible but also varied job. Getting several collections ready at the same time, cooperating with colleagues and suppliers in different time zones, all call for a high level of concentration and above all for excellent planning. Gina always stays calm, even in the most stressful situations. On the one hand, this is due to her many years of experience in the job, and on the other, it is down to her team, which she can rely on one hundred per cent: "We are one entity, and a tight-knit community. We are all totally dedicated to our jobs."

However, Gina is not just proud of contributing to the success to BLACK LABEL Women, she is also proud of belonging to s.Oliver. For this reason, she takes part in every corporate run, for example: "It's always a great experience and a super feeling of team spirit when you cross the finishing line wearing an s.Oliver shirt. In my entire career, I have never worked for a company that is as democratic as s.Oliver. All staff members have a voice and are listened to. Every opinion counts, and that's what ultimately creates the big picture." 480 kilometres – Gina is a seasoned traveller by now and proves that it is perfectly possible to achieve the balancing act of commuting several hundred kilometres between your main home and your workplace: "Ever since I joined the company, I have commuted between Würzburg and Berlin, which I don't really mind. It also fits in fine with my private life." During the week, Gina lives in Würzburg, but she spends the weekends with her family and friends in Berlin. That's made possible above all by the trust-based flexible working hours offered by s.Oliver: "The trust-based flexible working hours allow me to spend time with my family. For example, I can go to appointments during the day and get on with my work in the evening or work from home." Gina also thinks it's remarkable that s.Oliver has opened its own on-site crèche for the employees, the so-called Mini Club. And what does Gina think of Würzburg, which is quite "small" compared to the busy metropolis Berlin? "I really enjoy the contrast between Würzburg and Berlin. Würzburg is a young city, full of students, with a super range of cultural offers and an excellent restaurant scene. It’s also open, sociable and friendly – not least due to the climate. I always feel that it is a little bit warmer and sunnier here than in Berlin."