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The most important task of the company is to find the right employee at the right time in the right place. Therefore, developments should be as individual as CVs.

We offer our employees a holistic concept for their development and qualification.

Our motto is “Join, contribute, develop, feel good” and it means that we take account of your abilities and potential to enable you to realise your professional goals.

Our specialist academies offer a wide range of seminars and CPD for all corporate levels. Individual qualifications can be obtained in areas such as “personal competencies”, “action and decision-making competencies” “social communicative competencies” and “specialist methodical competencies”.

In addition we also offer comprehensive careers development and have created our own programmes of qualifications for various professions and management levels. Through teamwork between HR development and the Academy we offer programmes from Senior to Management levels.

  • Specialist career path: develop into an expert
    The specialist career path enables you become a technical expert (Senior) mastering an increasing scope for action and decision-making by giving you a deeper and broader knowledge of complex subject areas.
  • Project career path: shape projects independently
    The challenge of this career is changing roles and taking on professional and leadership responsibilities, of many types and sizes.
  • Management career path: leadership with responsibility – for you and your team
    The aim of the management career path is to develop your leadership and personal skills to a level that can qualify you to join the elite of our middle management. Help to shape our future!


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