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We will make you fitfor your future!

Personal development means that our employees are constantly able to enrich and expand their individual competencies. We like you to gradually assume greater responsibility in various areas of work and on projects.

With over 600 training days a year and extensive training opportunities covering all areas of expertise and levels: the s.Oliver Group Academy portfolio is impressive! The Academy puts together individual CPD opportunities for the whole company, in order to meet the diverse needs of our employees.

In addition to a comprehensive training catalog for all employees, the company also offers further development measures specifically for various specialist areas or for management levels, which can be assembled in a modular system and thus combined into a flexible package.

Reaching the next level oft he hierarchy is not always the focus, but an extension of your own knowledge, your own experience, as well as your own competences and the contacts within the company.

A brief insight into our key internal training and further education:

  • One Seminar split into 6 for our Trainees
  • Steps
    Career path in retail
    Stylist consultant -> Floormanager -> Assistant Store Manager -> Store Manager
  • Smex - Store Manager of Excellence
    Continuous training for our Store Manager
  • Evolution
    Expert and Management Apprenticeships in the head office
  • Train the Trainer
  • Stex - Staff Excellence
    Culture-Training for internal and field work


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