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So you want to apply to work with us? Then you will definitely have a few burning questions. Here, we have put together a few important questions and answers so that you don’t have to contact us about every last little thing. Maybe you’ll find your question here?


Are the advertised positions still vacant?

Yes. All job advertisements on our job portal are updated daily. A post is taken down as soon as we have found the right person for the job. Of course, if a job advertisement has been online for some time already it is possible that there has already been some progress on the application process. However, the position remains on our job portal until it is filled, and we look forward to receiving your application.

What is the best way to apply – online, by e-mail or the traditional way by post?

Please apply online via our job portal for one of the positions currently advertised. The advantage is that your application goes directly into our online application system and our internal staff have access to it at any time. This streamlines the process and makes it possible for us to handle your application as quickly as possible.

Even if there is no suitable position advertised, you can contact our recruiters via the career networks XING and LinkedIn to discuss entry opportunities at s.Oliver Group.

What documents should I include in my application?

A complete application consists of a personal covering letter, your CV, and testimonials for all previous work. We also ask prospective junior employees for their last school or study certificate. Please always make sure that the information is complete, and use the letter to convince us that you are the right person for the job. What makes you our ideal new colleague?

What is the maximum number of attachments I can upload and what is the maximum size?

You can upload up to five files with a maximum size of 30 MB in total.

How can I find out if my application documents have arrived?

You will receive automatic confirmation of receipt immediately after successful delivery of your application. Then, depending on how many applications are received, we may need a little time to look at all of them. In any case, we will respond to you as quickly as possible. You can also use our online application system at any time to check the status of your application.

What does the s.Oliver Group look for in an application?

It is always important that all the documents are complete: an informative letter, your CV, testimonials for all previous work, and for our prospective junior employees, their last school or study certificate.

Your application should clearly explain why you want to work for us and why you think that we would work really well together. In addition we are of course interested in your previous professional experience, and your professional and private interests. We particularly like it if your application letter gives us a really authentic impression of you!

What happens next after I have sent in my application via the portal?

Your application is read and handled by us as quickly as possible. If we like your application we will invite you for a brief telephone or Skype interview, or to come and meet us in person. This gives all of us an initial impression of each other. If necessary, you may then be invited for a second interview or – depending on the area – for a work trial. Then if we believe we will work well together you will usually be offered employment.

Can I apply for several jobs at the same time?

If you like the look of more than one job that we are advertising then you are welcome to apply for several. One small tip: make sure to explain in each case why you want that position and highlight your special skills for that job.

What should I do if the online application system has technical problems?

Usually our online application system will give a clear error message explaining where the problem lies. Please read this information carefully and try to respond accordingly.

If this still does not resolve the problem, please contact us by e-mail to and send us a screenshot of the error message. This is the simplest way for us to find out what the problem is and fix it.

I can’t find any suitable jobs on the career portal at the moment. Can I still apply to you?

If there is no suitable position advertised, you can contact our recruiters via the career networks XING and LinkedIn to discuss entry opportunities at s.Oliver Group.

Would you also consider giving career changers a chance?

As work becomes more complex, change becomes the norm, and the employment market becomes more and more demanding, our approach to recruiting new staff also changes. If you can convince us with your experience and personality, we are willing to be persuaded. What is important is that you meet all the crucial requirements for the position.

Does the s.Oliver Group offer career development opportunities?

Career development should be as individual as CVs – so we offer our staff a holistic concept for development and qualification. Our motto is “Join, contribute, develop, feel good” and it means that the s.Oliver Group takes account of your abilities, talents, and potential to enable you to realise your professional goals. Both for our employees in Headquarters/Wholesale as well as for our colleagues in Retail. You can find more information under CPD & career opportunities.

What is the s.Oliver Group’s approach to the work/life balance?

You can find out more about the s.Oliver Group’s commitment as an employer under Work-Life-Balance.

Does the s.Oliver Group offer additional financial benefits?

Besides private capital formation benefits, a company pension, and occupational disability insurance, the s.Oliver Group also offers numerous other additional financial benefits, e.g. an attractive staff discount, travel allowances, support for child care, and various other additional financial benefits and discounts. Our sports offers are another special feature. You can find out more information under Work-Life-Balance.


What apprenticeship and qualification opportunities does the s.Oliver Group offer?

We currently offer apprenticeship courses leading to ten different types of accredited qualification. Every year, we take on apprentices and trainees both at our headquarters in Rottendorf, in Logistics, and in our stores nationwide. You can find more information about our apprenticeships on the page Entry > School Pupils > Apprenticeship

What conditions do I need to meet for an apprenticeship at the s.Oliver Group?

We would like to know why exactly you are interested in this apprenticeship qualification and why you are applying to us in particular. The minimum qualification (required high school diploma) varies from one vocational qualification to another, but of course we want good school results. You can find more information for the respective apprenticeship qualifications under Entry > School Pupils > Apprenticeship

What are the chances of getting a job with the s.Oliver Group once I have completed my training/apprenticeship?

We hope to be able to offer each of our vocational trainees/apprentices a position with us after training. We do not regard an apprentice or trainee as “cheap labour”, and you will receive career development, challenges and support during your training.

How does the application process work?

If you have applied for an apprenticeship qualification, the first thing that happens is we read all the application documents. Then we hold selection days for groups of applicants for each apprenticeship qualification where we want to get to know you better. If you impress us, we will invite you back for a work trial day to see how you get on in the daily routine. If you impress us here too, we hope to recruit you as a new apprentice.

FAQ Dual education
degree course

What is particularly important for the application?

Besides good grades, enthusiasm and motivation, relevant experience in the chosen field is particularly important to us. Previous retail experience is a great advantage in the BA course Textilbetriebswirt BTE.

How does the application process work?

If you have applied for a dual degree, the first thing that happens is we read all the application documents. Next, we invite a selection of applicants to an Assessment Centre so that we can get to know one another better. If you impress us here, we hope to recruit you as a new dual student.

Are there specific entry requirements for the dual education degree courses?

No. Again, we consider all applications based on merit and overall impression, and of course, this does include the grades you have achieved. So please do not hesitate to apply!

Who pays the university/college course fees?

For “BWL Handel Plus” (Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a special focus on Retail) we bear the full fees for tuition and examination.

For “Textilbetriebswirtschaft BTE” (Bundesverband des Deutschen Textileinzelhandels (BTE) Accreditation in Management and Marketing of Fashion Textiles), we bear half of the tuition fees, plus registration fees, fees for the final examinations and exam fees for the Business English certificate.

What are the chances of being taken on after a dual degree?

The number of study places is based on our future personnel requirements. We are always keen to take on our students after graduation.

Are the dual education degree courses quite general, or do you have to specialise in something?

Specialisation is the aim of our dual education degree courses. Of course you will get to know the various company departments during your practical work experience periods. The focus, however, will be on the relevant vocational field or cross-functional departments. You can find more information about our dual degrees under Entry > School Pupils > Dual education degree courses


What internships do you offer?

We mainly offer work experience while studying (Entry > Newcomers & Students > Internships). Please take a look at the current job advertisements which are updated daily, for more information.

Is there a minimum length for internships?

We recommend six months of work experience to give you the appropriate insight, and to allow you to learn as much as you can about what the job entails. This is the only way to guarantee that we will be able to assign individual projects and responsibilities to you. However, we can sometimes also offer shorter internships in consultation with the specialist departments.

Can I do a part-time internship?

Our internship offer is directed primarily towards students who want to make future career choices and prepare themselves for the start of their careers. In order to pass on relevant information in such a short time as half a year, it is important to us that our students are employed full-time with us and learn as much as possible for further study and entry into working life. Therefore, unfortunately, we cannot offer part-time internships.

Are work experience placements/internships paid?

Depending on the length of the work experience/internship we will pay you for the work you do. School work experience and short-term internships are not paid and are also not offered in the stores.

Do you also offer work experience/internships abroad?

Our headquarters are located in Rottendorf near Würzburg, Germany. This is where all our key departments are – this is the heart of the company. Therefore we only offer work experience/internships in Germany.

Do you only offer mandatory internships after a degree or are voluntary internships also available?

Our internships are primarily designed to give students vocational guidance and prepare them to take up a professional career. As part of the Fair Company initiative, we invite graduates to apply to us for direct entry. We would be happy to consider your application in relation to the positions currently available. If, for personal reasons, you are not studying or have finished studying and still want to apply for an internship, we will of course treat your application equally.

How do you support people on work experience/internship at the s.Oliver Group?

From the first day on you will be given a mentor from the relevant department, and they are your contact for all organisational issues. Regular feedback rounds ensure that you are given feedback, and offer a chance to address individual issues in depth. In order for our interns from all departments to get to know one another better we also offer a networking platform – our interns’ breakfast, which takes place fortnightly.

FAQTrainee programme

What skills and knowledge does the s.Oliver Group expect applicants to the trainee programme to have?

A real enthusiasm for fashion and trends is indispensable for all trainee programmes, regardless of the skills acquired in a particular trainee programme. For all programmes, some practical experience in the fashion industry (such as an apprenticeship, work experience placement or casual employment) is a great advantage. Our trainees are distinguished by the fact that they do not just want to improve their professional competence, but that they also want to develop on a personal level, and are not afraid to think outside the box.

What tips do you have for applicants about the application documents?

Your application should clearly show that you have already thought about the trainee position. A complete application consists of a personal covering letter, your CV, your last school or study certificate, and testimonials for all previous work, if available. Please always make sure that your documents are complete, and use the letter to convince us that you are the right person for the job. What makes you our ideal new colleague?

How does application process for a trainee position at the s.Oliver Group work exactly?

Please apply online via our job portal for one of the advertised trainee programmes. After examining the documents, we invite a selection of applicants to an initial interview or to the appropriate selection day. Depending on the type of trainee programme, you may be given a presentation task to prepare for the initial interview. If you impress us professionally and personally in the first round, then the subsequent selection process then varies according to department (e.g. work trial, second interview).

How is the s.Oliver Group trainee programme structured?

Apart from a comprehensive, on-the-job induction, the trainees receive job-specific training, and attend interdisciplinary workshops together with the trainees from other departments. Each trainee programme encompasses several interrelated one to three month-long phases in the respective job-specific departments or stores, plus a few weeks spent in important cross-functional departments.

What can the trainees expect once they have completed the programme?

Assuming positive personal development, almost 100% of our trainees are taken on by the company in the job that they have been trained for. On qualification, they can expect a responsible and exciting position. The number of traineeships we offer is need-oriented to make sure that we can offer all of our trainees a job at the end of their training period.


Can I do my thesis at the s.Oliver Group?

We usually advertise opportunities to cooperate for final theses on our job portal, just like other entry-level opportunities for students.


Are theses paid at the s.Oliver Group?

Yes. They are paid in a similar way to our work experience/internships.

How are theses supervised in the company?

From the first day on, each student is given a mentor from the relevant department, who is your contact for all specialist and organisational issues in relation to the thesis.

FAQStudent trainee

Does the s.Oliver Group offer student trainee positions?

We offer student trainee positions in various areas such as HR, Marketing or IT. If we do not have any posts advertised on our job portal there are none currently available.

In order to guarantee better legibility, we usually use the masculine article in our texts. Naturally all statements on this careers page always refer to both sexes.


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