comma casual identity

Corinna Pape


»I love the idea that exactly this piece of clothing is going to become some customer's new favourite.«

A beautiful fabric alone is not enough; the cut is at least just as important. As a garment technician, Corinna ensures that both criteria are met. She is therefore involved in the entire process, from the first sample to the finished product. Corinna started her career by completing a vocational training course at a garment sampling factory. After that, she studied fashion technology at a college in Mönchengladbach. She left college as a fully qualified garment technician and joined comma in July 2009, initially for an internship. Just three months later, Corinna joined the team permanently and was promoted to Senior Technician in 2011. Her job not only calls for a passion for fabrics and outstanding cuts, but also for excellent communication and teamwork skills. Corinna collaborates closely with the in-house designers and is also constantly in contact with the international agencies. Due to the language barriers and the different mentalities and time zones, this is not always easy but also makes her job very varied. For example, when it's one o'clock in the afternoon in Rottendorf, it's already eight o'clock in the evening in China, so everything has to be meticulously planned.

Besides classic ready-to-wear, which includes trousers, blazers and dresses, for example, Corinna is also responsible for the "Knitwear" segment. The challenge here is that this calls for completely contrasting product development approaches and demands, as both the cutting as well as the finishing techniques for these two groups could not differ any more. A flat knitted woollen jumper handles quite unlike a tight-fitting blazer made from a non-stretch fabric. Corinna was involved with comma casual identity from day one. The creation of a brand is always an exciting time, associated with new experiences as well as hopes and fears. Back then, she ensured together with a designer that the first collection was ready for delivery on time. She loves the fact that "you make a major contribution to what a shirt ultimately looks like when it hangs on a hanger in the store, and the idea that exactly this piece of clothing is going to become some customer's new favourite." So what is her general relationship with fashion? "Fashion is important to me. However, it's also important to me to stay true to my own style. Comma casual identity is perfect for that. My absolute favourite is the knitwear." And like any job, what she does for a living also impacts on her everyday life: "Sometimes, I catch myself standing in a store and examining the finishing of a piece of clothing in detail," she admits with a laugh. And what makes working with your colleagues so special? "Everyone knows each other almost frighteningly well. So well that we can often also communicate without words," she says with a wink. "After all, you spend more time with your colleagues than you do with your own friends or family. The team spirit is just special," she says about working for s.Oliver, whether as an intern, as one half of a small team of two or today, as someone with many colleagues.