We help each other out. That is how it is supposed to be in a family.

Niko Papadopoulos started in the comma-Showroom in Duesseldorf as a sales representative in 2006. He quickly got promoted to Area Manager, where he then went to the headquarters in Rottendorf in the division sales operations. Niko plays an important interface function in the company, as a manager of sales & market coordination (SMC) as well as central customer service (CCS). The SMC is the perfect example of the perfect gateway between marketing and product. All relevant information gets bundled here and forwarded to the design division. The main purpose is to network, to get all the information from the outside into the inside. This is the challenge. Through his direct contact to clients he can supply the marketing department and sales department with valuable input.

Niko Papadopoulos

For Niko, the special thing about his job is that he has an insight into the work of all departments and can use his broad knowledge to provide support across the company. Each day he wants to do something to enhance the success of the company and improve himself. His department also plays an important role in the development of new collections. »Through my dual function as SMC and CCS Manager I accompany the product from development to delivery.« He and his team are involved in devising the product range, overseeing planning for orders, helping with planning the breadth of the product range as well as in-depth planning, analysing which products sell well and which don’t, creating sales lists, evaluating products groups, sizes, colours and price categories, and so on. And herein lies an important stimulus for the job: the more you put in, the more you will get out of it. Niko has worked in the women’s clothing industry for 18 years, including nine years with comma. »For me, comma is a product that perfectly masters the system and fashion. And it’s a brand that I identify with«, Niko enthuses. He also appreciates the atmosphere of cooperation within the company, the common goal, passion and commitment in carrying out tasks, the design ability of the individuals, and the fact that employees look out for each other. »comma is special. We don’t just say we are one family, we really are«. Every day, two approachable managers give the staff the feeling that success is not dependent on individuals, but can only be achieved if everyone works together. »We’re all here for one another. That’s how it should be in a family.«