Liebeskind Berlin



»I didn't expect to find immediately a great group of team members on both sides of the world«

You should only take a longer commute to work, if it’s actually worthwhile once you get there. Robert gladly accepts his commute from Long Island to Manhattan. Once there, Robert, the U.S. Controller since May 2015, finds a motivated and committed team and interesting tasks. Robert’s work at LIEBESKIND BERLIN is in accounting and finance. The »money man« has to bear a considerable responsibility: »At the beginning the challenge was getting used to the system and identifying the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for LIEBESKIND BERLIN,« explains Robert. Beginning every day with a new task provided the Controller with a good learning process with new challenges and targets — each day left a sense of satisfaction and success. LIEBESKIND BERLIN is a growing brand in the American market and Robert is an important component of the company’s expansion. »Being a small segment of such a large corporate entity (s.Oliver Group) and understanding what has helped facilitate it's success has made this opportunity incredibly special.« In addition, the Controller is inspired by the diversity of his work, with something new landing on his desk every day: from budget planning to financial statements and practical team training. The best thing about his job: »Seeing results, meeting goals, deadlines and exceeding expectations.«

Robert loves the diversity, culture, fashion and energy of New York. Working here is extremely demanding, but his home on Long Island grants him the necessary balance and a great quality of life. On weekends, he likes to take time for himself and his family, take long bike rides, or visit a Yankee game every now and then. In summer it’s all about going to the beach, in winter to the ski slope. Keeping the work-life balance is not easy, but it is important to be able to focus on the job during the week. And in his private life he’s been able to pass his enthusiasm for the brand to his wife and daughter: »They are rapidly becoming #Liebegirls.« Working for LIEBESKIND BERLIN also means being part of a big family. Although the team is small, solidarity at all levels is extremely important. »Interaction with the team in a high demand environment provides insight into how people truly operate, and provides a foundation for relationship building«, says Robert. But he did not immediately expect that there would be such strong cooperation and communication between America and Germany: »I didn't expect to find immediately a great group of team members on both sides of the world. From the U.S. perspective it's not easy to see that LIEBESKIND BERLIN is a family owned business. However, based on my visit to the Germany and meeting theLIEBESKIND BERLIN team and s.Oliver Group it was clear and evident.« LIEBESKIND BERLIN is simply a fun place to expand one’s own career prospects, while bringing a new brand to America, a market that has more than enough space for it. As well as contributing to the growth of LIEBESKIND BERLIN, Robert has also grown personally. His big goal for the future: »The LIEBESKIND BERLIN brand is one that is growing in the US, I would love to be able to continue to work with the US team to grow the business, and create a strong foundation for the company to continue its push towards success in the US, Canada and South America.«