Christopher Hirschmann


"I have become more open and have been able to gain many new experiences."

Christopher deals with SMS every day. Not the kind that are text messages on a mobile phone, obviously. It's a textile business term that stands for 'salesman sample' – basically just "prototypes". Before a piece of clothing goes into production, where it will be produced hundreds or thousands of times, a sample is made up, which is then minutely examined in detail: What does it look like? What does the fabric feel like? What's the cut like? What's the quality like in general? What could be improved? Christopher meticulously records every single improvement suggestion in his computer system and passes the information on to the departments concerned, for example the international agencies. If necessary, a new sample is then produced and the process starts all over again and is repeated until the sample is considered perfect. And as s.Oliver sells more than just one pair of jeans or one T-shirt, there are innumerable samples! However, Christopher is not only responsible for sourcing the salesman's samples; he also negotiates prices – either with the agencies or directly with the suppliers. A sampler therefore needs to have outstanding social and communication skills, and must also have a good command of English. Christopher meets both of these requirements for his job with flying colours: "I particularly enjoy the contact with people – you get to know lots of new people all the time, both here in-house or through our international agencies."

As a sampler, you are right where fashion is happening and deal with the latest trends every day. So of course the inevitable question, what does Christopher have in his own wardrobe at home? "I really like Q/S designed by. I wear something from the range almost every day. Fashion is important to me for a simple reason: if you wear clothing that you like, you automatically feel comfortable in it, and other people notice that." However, Christopher not only feels comfortable wearing Q/S designed by, but also in his home town of Würzburg: "Würzburg has quite a bit to offer – from the countryside to its liveliness, due to the large student population, and the many events here. It's just a really nice town to live and work in." And Christopher also says that he thinks it's "super" that s.Oliver is so committed to Würzburg and to its employees. "For example, the employees get time off if they want to help out at the local foodbanks. And the flexible working hours make my life so much easier. They allow me to collect my son from school or to do things with him." He also enjoys taking part in the corporate events, for example in the "human soccer tournament" that is part of the "Ready, Steady, Go!" championships. And if his back reminds him that it's time for a short break, he makes use of the in-house "business massage" offer and treats himself – and his back – to a relaxing massage.