»The challenge is to choose the right designs from an infinite range of existing trends and ensure that they fit within the TRIANGLE philosophy.«

When Susanne Stefan first came to s.Oliver in 2000, she was in the design team responsible for knitwear and denim. She spent eight and a half years working in the s.Oliver Junior segment before she became a trend scout, searching for new ideas and inspiration«. Since mid-2009 Susanne has worked for TRIANGLE – initially as Head of Design, and now as Store & Style Coordinator. Her area of responsibility extends from personal shopping and styling on photo shoots and shows to coming up with new ideas for trade fairs. Her work is versatile, trend-oriented, creative, forward-looking, varied and intense. »The challenge is to choose the right designs from an infinite range of existing trends and ensure that they fit within the TRIANGLE philosophy.« Personal shopping appointments are always a professional highlight for Susanne. When the trend expert had an appointment with a mother-daughter duo, the mother was initially sceptical and afraid that she would be pressured into making purchases. Susanne was quickly able to put her at ease. By the end, both mother and daughter were thrilled with their outfits and were thankful for what had been a memorable day. »The mother hugged me and gave me a kiss. For me, that was the greatest confirmation that I’m doing my job properly and that it’s exactly the right career for me,« Susanne recalls.

Saarlander Susanne is a genuine fashion victim herself – she has turned her passion for fashion into her profession. But she doesn’t have a favourite s.Oliver line: »I find what I like and mix it all together. But to be honest, I am always finding favourite pieces from TRIANGLE.« When it comes to working at s.Oliver, Susanne especially appreciates the warm, family-like contact, the variety of the people, the cordial atmosphere and her friendships within the company. It was 12 years ago now that she first went skiing in Tirol with her colleagues – today, this is not only a tradition, but has also been responsible for firm friendships. Susanne especially highlights the approachability and generosity of the Freier family: Christmas parties, summer parties, private nursery, health management, sports facilities, free speciality coffees at the in-house cantine and free parking spaces for the employees. In order to perform her multifaceted assignments, Susanne uses many different materials: fashion magazines, sample collections, accessories and the TRIANGLE sample shop. In order to let her ideas flourish, Susanne needs plenty of creative freedom. Besides fashion, she also has points of contact with music, interiors, art and photography. Susanne is herself a trained photographer – a big advantage for the fashion expert. »The interesting thing is to take the whole, and then filter out the essence for TRIANGLE,« she says. Over the years, and thanks to her flexibility, Susanne has had many opportunities, and has made the most of them. Through diverse work-related challenges and the wide range of development opportunities on offer, she has been able to grow both professionally and personally: »I know what I can do – I know my strengths and weaknesses.« And as well as her dream job, Susanne has also made long-term friends – people who are there for her in any situation. Here, perhaps, the s.Oliver slogan expresses it best: »We are friends. We are family. We are s.Oliver.«