Rottendorf, 18. 07. 2018

In the spring of 2019, s.Oliver BLACK LABEL Men will once again offer a range of stylish outfits for the next party or prom in the form of its new "DOn't quIT" collection. It is a continuation of last year's theme which the label has now expanded into a complete collection which centres on separate pieces that can all be combined with each other to create modern looks with style breaks. In terms of colours, the collection impresses with the combination of black with navy; a strong royal blue sets accents. Delivery date is the end of March; retailers will be able to order the promotion bundle between 18 July and 9 August.


All of the garments in the collection are suitable party wear yet also versatile and can easily be combined with anything else afterwards. Benjamin Isenheim, Division Head s.Oliver BLACK LABEL Men under the leadership of the new Chief Product Officer Kristina Szasz, explains: "Our young target group needs outfits that are suitable for a prom or a party but can also be worn afterwards, at work, to a wedding or when socialising with friends. Young men don't see a well-cut suit or a suit jacket as some sort of straightjacket but as garments that are simply one element of the modern, flexible dress code they feel comfortable in."


Five looks – five types

The looks in the promotion bundle reflect different characters everyone can identify with. They consciously play with fashion clichés and therefore match the brand's motto for the spring season: "Dressed with a sense of humour".


Look 1: The SKATER needs a suit that is roomy enough to do a kickflip in and will therefore go for a blue pinstriped "JOGG SUIT". A bright blue T-shirt with statement print adds an athletic touch to the outfit.

Look 2: The fashion-conscious LEADER creates his own SUIT with a black bomber jacket and trousers and completes his outfit with a pixel-look AOP shirt.

Look 3: The ATHLETE prefers a casual look with trousers that feature galloon stripes which remind him of his tracksuit. He wears them with a shirt with a modern stripe AOP. "An outfit that is as simple as it is good!"

Look 4: The GENIUS confidently plays with fashion clichés. He wears a pair of classic pleated trousers with a fashionable short-sleeved shirt with turned up sleeves and accessorises his outfit with a royal blue bow tie and braces.


Look 5: The SONNY BOY doesn't need much to make himself presentable: simply combined a black suit with a white statement print top for the perfectly styled look.


Prices range from €19.99 for a statement top to €229.00 for a complete suit. The bomber jacket costs €99.99 and the jogging suit jacket €159.99. All promotion pieces come with a royal blue key fob or a clip with the "DOn't quIT" slogan. The short-sleeved shirt is supplied with a free matching black bow tie.





The s.Oliver Group was established by Bernd Freier in 1969. In just a few decades, it has grown into one of Europe's leading fashion companies. The Group generated a brand turnover of more than 1.67 billion euros in 2016 and employs around 7,000 people internationally. Besides the brands s.Oliver, s.Oliver BLACK LABEL, s.Oliver ACTIVE, Q/S designed by and TRIANGLE, the company's portfolio also includes comma, comma casual identity and LIEBESKIND BERLIN.



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