Policies & policy statements

Statement against modern slavery

UK modern slavery act

In an annual statement, we adopt a clear stance against any form of forced labor, human trafficking and modern slavery and explain our standards and preventions systems as well as the advancements we have made.

Modern Slavery Statement 2019

Statement gegen moderne Sklaverei

uk modern slavery act
In einem jährlichen Statement beziehen wir klar Position gegen jede Form von Zwangsarbeit, Menschenhandel und moderner Sklaverei, und erklären dabei unsere Standards und Präventions-Systeme sowie Fortschritte bei der Umsetzung.

Modern Slavery Statement 2019

Code of conduct for goods procurement

Compliance with the s.Oliver “Code of Conduct for Goods Procurement” is a prerequisite for starting and continuing a business relationship with a supplier. Among other things, our code of conduct strictly prohibits child labor and forced labor and set down guidelines for wages, working hours and occupational health and safety. It is oriented on the core labor standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO). The code also requires our suppliers to observe fundamental environmental and animal welfare principles.

Code of Conduct for the Procurement of Goods

Animal welfare guidelines

The s.Oliver Group has not used real fur or real fur trims since 2006. We also prohibit the use of exotic leather, angora, mohair, live-plucked down and down from grey geese. These and other requirements are regulated in our animal welfare guidelines.

Animal Welfare Policy