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About the company:

Founded in 1969 by Bernd Freier, the s.Oliver Group has developed in just a few decades into one of the leading European fashion companies. We dress and delight people around the globe with style & class.

Where the threads are woven together

Our different brands bring up to twelve collections onto the market a year, all ideally fitted, excellent quality and offering outstanding value for money. This is quite a challenge and demands a whole spectrum of activities and issues to be managed and handled by our staff.

From Rottendorf to the World

The heart of our business is located in Rottendorf, near Würzburg, Germany, and all of the various departments – from Human Resources to Marketing, to Sales & Distribution – are based here. This is the birthplace of all of our products; they are developed here by different design teams before going off to be manufactured, and after that distributed centrally via Logistics to the relevant POS (Point of Sale).

The Global Sourcing department organises the worldwide purchasing side of the business. Besides all of the various aspects classically involved in the buying process, the Global Sourcing team also works closely together with our international agency network in the production countries. The remit involves diplomatic negotiations, networking and a large degree of communication. There is an extensive need for coordination with the many internal and external interfaces.

The Product department deals with the complex product development processes for the various products groups. Many different decisions have to be made along the line from initial design to sample production and commissioning a garment to be manufactured. This calls for a wide range of skills: creativity, fabric and material know-how, an aptitude for crafts and familiarity with the markets. Various steps are required along the way, and much coordinating needs to be done, given the multitude of interfaces.

The Marketing department creates tailor-made marketing strategies for each of our brands and manages the product portfolio. Whilst the Brand Management team plans 360° marketing mix sales strategies, the Creative Marketing team comes up with the matching visual marketing campaigns and develops innovative and creative ways to advertise our merchandise. The Trade Marketing team is responsible for adapting and realising the concepts at the stage where they are ultimately to appeal to our customers: at the retail stage. Social media help them to focus on the end consumer and allow the targeted management of the online channels. The team supports various marketing activities with innovative ideas and communicates with our end consumers. Another important mainstay of external communication is Public Relations – in contact with both end-users and the media. This team handles the definition and communication of all subjects concerning the company and its brands.

The Administration division is the enabler that allows other colleagues to focus on creating strong products that are successful on the market. The administration division encompasses the departments Financial Control/Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Legal and Information Services/IT.

The Financial Control/Accounting department records all of the company’s business transactions in figures, which are then monitored and evaluated in order to generate information that forms the basis for business decisions and actions.

The Finance area is dedicated to analysing the various business activities along the value creation chain and producing financial accounts, and managing the cash flow.

The Human Resources team is subdivided into the departments HR Shared Service Centre, HR Talent Acquisition, HR Consulting, HR Controlling, HR Legal and HR Integrated Care (canteen, kindergarten, health centre and reception). The departments work together to create an environment with which our employees identify, to which they can contribute, and in which they can develop and feel good. Because satisfied employees are critical to the success of a company. Through individual mentoring and a variety of services, we help you to balance your professional and private goals.

The Information Services/IT departments ensure that the company’s entire technology infrastructures, which support all business processes used by the company, are operational and up-to-date, and that the interfaces between various systems within the company are in good working order. Safe data management and virtual communication can only work with the right technology. In addition, each member of staff has to be equipped with the right hardware and software that allows them to do their job in the best possible way. The Helpdesk Team assists with minor and major everyday problems regarding the correct use of the systems, thereby ensuring that working with IT is as easy as one-two-three. In the IT area, the s.Oliver Group also relies on internal know-how and a competent, multitalented team that is able to expertly realise small local projects as well as major, company-wide ones.

Supply Chain Management oversees all the distribution and logistics processes for the s.Oliver Group, which has representatives around the globe in over 30 countries. Prompt delivery of goods, which in some cases have to cover thousands of miles, is managed via our logistics centre at our headquarters in Rottendorf. Here, stocks are managed and coordination with retail and logistics partners is part of the daily schedule. This involves mastering complexity and tests project management skills to the limit.

Digital Business coordinates the sale of our products via our own online channels and external platforms. As this is a particularly fast-paced market, the online side of the business depends on instant responses to changes in demand and needs correspondingly flexible planning. End consumers expect immediate answers to their queries, which are dealt with by the Customer Relationship Management department. The online environment demands constant change, so creative visual and verbal communication approaches must therefore be developed and realised promptly.

Distribution and sales hand in hand

The s.Oliver Group is a vertically-integrated business and handles the entire value-creation chain from product development to distribution. All our activities are focused on the needs of end consumers. The Sales department manages the various distribution channels on a strategic and an international level, as well as the cooperation with different trading partners.

Multifaceted sales channels for our brands

The collections of our attractive brands, s.Oliver, Q/S designed by, comma and LIEBESKIND BERLIN, are sold in our own retail stores, in partner stores, indirectly shop-in-shop and also in wholesale areas and by mail order. In addition, our online shops www.soliver.de, www.comma-store.de and www.liebeskind-berlin.com deliver new styles to our customers every day.

Ideal advice in professionally designed retail areas

In our stores and outlets as well as our shop-in-shops we advise customers and help them to find the style that suits them best in an attractively designed shop environment. The store display has to be changed frequently to match the latest collections, and adapted to match the store or retail space size. In order to guarantee our customers an unforgettable sales experience, we require a large number of qualified staff throughout Germany and abroad:

  • Store Manager / Filialleiter
  • Assistant Store Manager / Stellvertretender Filialleiter
  • Floor Manager / Flächenverantwortlicher
  • Visual Store Merchandiser / Gestalter für visuelles Marketing
  • Outfit Consultant / Verkäufer
  • Temporary help for Sales

You can find our vacancies in these areas on our Job-Portal.

All a question of logistics

The logistics business:
Freier Group Logistics GmbH & Co. KG is the logistics service provider of the s.Oliver Group. It manages the careful, prompt and efficient handling of all processes from the receiving dock to Point of Sale and ensures that the different brands’ products are always available at the right time and in the right place. Currently this includes the following core processes: planning, pattern processing, transport logistics, goods receipt, warehousing, picking, floor ready merchandise handling, bundling, allocation, dispatch and processing returns.

Scope of services:
Freier Group Logistics GmbH & Co. KG is fast, flexible, reliable, high-quality, sustainable and innovative. At present approx. 90 million items are dispatched annually to 16 logistics centres, spread across eleven locations, with a total area of around 130,000 m². Roughly 650 employees handle up to 35,000 packages a day in the various warehouses. So – depending on the type of article – this equals up to 500,000 items daily.

Training opportunities:

  • Trainee programme in Supply Chain Management
  • Training as specialist staff (m/f) for Warehouse Logistics
  • >Training for wholesale and import/export with a focus on import/export

In addition, with the backing of the Logistics Academy, Freier Group Logistics GmbH & Co. KG offers its staff a range of top-quality professional training courses. The best way to ensure competitiveness in future.


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