»As the s.Oliver world never stops turning, my time here is always an exciting journey!«

The dream of every trainee: to be taken on by the company after your apprenticeship. For Patrick Jägle this dream became reality. When he came to s.Oliver some ten years ago, he began an apprenticeship in office communication. After graduating, he was hired by the licences division and works there today as Licence Consultant. As the interface between external partners and internal departments, Patrick’s role is to ensure information about goods movements is shared between the two sides. In addition, he is responsible for the s.Oliver Umbrellas product field, the daily business of which involves collaboration with licensing partners in the creation of collections, designs, etc. Over the many years, Patrick has developed a strong attachment to the company: »In terms of working environment, working atmosphere and colleagues, I would find it hard to find any areas that could currently be improved.« A changing brief, a sense of achievement and new directions – for Patrick, all these add to the appeal of s.Oliver. »As the s.Oliver world never stops turning, my time here is always an exciting journey!«

There is a special atmosphere within the company, one that is characterised by a familial approach to communications and open, supportive cooperation. Patrick was born in Würzburg, and thanks to s.Oliver he has been able to establish a career in his home town. For Patrick, however, fashion is not the most important thing once he is away from the workplace. Within the s.Oliver brand his favourite line is Q/S designed by – thanks to its more youthful, modern lines: »I’m not a fan of following every new trend. What matters the most is that I feel comfortable in my clothes and that they reflect my personality.« When Patrick looks to the future, he sees further potential for personal development. After all, the advantage of his job is that he gets to work with many different departments. »This automatically results in different areas of responsibility and exposure to new possibilities,« he explains. In recent years, s.Oliver has given him the opportunity to participate in various different areas and to put diverse projects in motion. It’s also been a chance for him to develop personally. »For me it’s important to maintain this variety in future,« Patrick concludes optimistically.