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So you want to apply to work with us? Then you will definitely have a few burning questions. Here, we have put together a few important questions and answers so that you don’t have to contact us about every last little thing. Maybe you’ll find your question here?


Are the advertised positions still vacant?

Yes. All job advertisements on our job portal are updated daily. We look forward to receiving your application.

What is the best way to apply – online, by e-mail or the traditional way by post?

We accept all ways of you application. The fastest and easiest way is the application online. In each vacancy notice you will find the tender number of the job and the contact details of the respective contact person. Please include the tender number in your application.

What documents should I include in my application?

No matter which way you choose please always make sure that the information is complete A complete application consists of a personal covering letter, your CV, and testimonials for all previous work. We also ask prospective junior employees for their last school or study certificate.

What format should be the online application? What is the maximum size of attachments I can upload?

Please send us your application as an attachment by email in a PDF document. Summarize all required documents in this file. Please pay attention to a moderate file size (no more than 3 MB).

How can I find out if my application documents have arrived?

Depending on how many applications are received, we may need a little time to look at all of them. In any case, we will respond to you as quickly as possible. You can also use our online application system at any time to check the status of your application.

I can’t find any suitable jobs on the career portal at the moment. Can I still apply to you?

If there is no suitable position advertised you can make an unsolicited application on our job portal. Don’t forget to tell us which division you would like to join and what location is possible for you.

Would you also consider giving career changers a chance?

If you can convince us with your experience and personality, we are willing to be persuaded. What is important is that you meet all the crucial requirements for the position.

Does the Freier Group Austria offer career development opportunities?

The development of professional and social skills is very important to us. We offer regular training and workshops, in which our employees can train themselves. Both for our employees in Headquarters/Wholesale as well as for our colleagues in Retail. You can find more information under CPD & career opportunities.

What is the Freier Group Austria approach to the work/life balance?

It is important to us that our employees feel comfortable with us. This also includes a good work-life balance.

Does the Freier Group Austria offer additional financial benefits?

The Freier Group Austria offers numerous other additional financial benefits, e.g. an attractive staff discount, travel allowances as well as free hot and cold drinks. Cooperations with other companies complete our offer.


What apprenticeship opportunities does the Freier Group Austria offer?

We train retailers as well as office administration. Every year, we offer Jobs in our Austrian stores as well as in our Headoffice in Bergheim near Salzburg.

Can I also apply for an apprenticeship that isn’t advertised?

You can find all available apprenticeships on our job portal. All apprenticeships are advertised here. Further positions are not provided.

In retail, can I also apply for apprenticeships in different locations?

If you are flexible and able to work in several training locations then please always state this in your application. In general you should state your preferred training location in your documents.

What conditions do I need to meet for an apprenticeship at the Freier Group Austria?

We would like to know why exactly you are interested in this apprenticeship qualification and why you are applying to us in particular. As a minimum qualification you should have finished the 9. academic year, but you can apply as well if you are an early school leaver. Further information you can find more information for the respective apprenticeship qualifications under the respective apprenticeship.

What are the chances of getting a job with the Freier Group Austrai once I have completed my training/apprenticeship?

We hope to be able to offer each of our vocational trainees/apprentices a position with us after training. We do not regard an apprentice or trainee as “cheap labour”, and you will receive career development, challenges and support during your training.

How does the application process work?

If you have applied for an apprenticeship qualification, the first thing that happens is we read all the application documents. Then we take a selection of applicants for our casting and a following recruitment test. Then following we offer a sneak peak in our head office or one of our stores for the qualified applicants. After that a conversation with the parents follows. Finally, we make a decision bases on these points.


What skills and knowledge does the s.Oliver Group expect applicants to the trainee programme to have?

A real enthusiasm for fashion and trends is indispensable for all trainee programmes, regardless of the skills acquired in a particular trainee programme. For all programmes, some practical experience in the fashion industry (such as an apprenticeship, work experience placement or casual employment) is a great advantage. Our trainees are distinguished by the fact that they do not just want to improve their professional competence, but that they also want to develop on a personal level, and are not afraid to think outside the box.

What tips do you have for applicants about the APPLICATION DOCUMENTS?

Your application should clearly show that you have already thought about the trainee position. Standard applications, serial letters, faulty or dirty documents and holiday pictures (instead of application photos) are an absolute no go.Please always make sure that your documents are complete. Missing certificates leave a negative impression, so certificates should be attached for minor occupations or secondary jobs as well. For the application process we recommend to apply through our online recruiting portal.

How does application process for a trainee position at the Freier Group Austria work exactly?

Please apply online via our job portal for one of the advertised trainee programmes. After examining the documents, we invite a selection of applicants to an initial interview. If you impress us professionally and personally in the first round, then the subsequent selection process then varies according to department (e.g. work trial, second interview). The final step in the application process is always a second interview.

How is the Freier Group Austria trainee programme structured?

Apart from a comprehensive, on-the-job induction, the trainees receive job-specific training.
Each trainee programme encompasses several interrelated phases in the respective job-specific departments or stores. Each trainee program includes several steps in the relevant departments as well as assignments in important interface areas.

What can the trainees expect once they have completed the programme?

In the case of positive personal development, our trainees expect an almost one-hundred percent takeover rate in the designated department of the respective program with an exciting and responsible task area. The number of our trainee positions is designed according to needs, so that we can offer our trainees good takeover conditions.


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