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Whether in Retail, at Headquarters or in Logistics – with us, you will have plenty of opportunity to contribute your know-how. And you are sure to find a challenge that appeals to you in our diverse company.

About the company:

Founded in 1969 by Bernd Freier, the s.Oliver Group has developed in just a few decades into one of the leading European fashion companies. We dress and delight people around the globe with style & class.

Looking for a Sales persona: Area Sales

We are a vertical constructed business. This means that our complete chain of economic value of our products to the point of sale is controlled from our mother enterprise in Rottendorf / Germany. We always have client needs and wishes in mind. This is especially important in sales where lots of new and exciting challenges await for those who have sale in their blood. We do have to sell many collections for different brands each year, not just in our retail stores but also in our partner stores and in the business itself (Shop-in-Shop), on the floor as well as in wholesale and shipping.

In our Wholesale and our Franchise our POS Manager and our Monolabel Store Consultants control who receive the merchandise on the client side and have the control over the sale in their segments and regions.

In our retail stores the merchandise gets sold to the end user. Our Monolabel store consultants offer a professional and character specific counsel in the store. The stores are constantly updated with our new collections.

If you have a nose for brands, fashion, trends and clients as well as being able to work with numbers you are just the right person for our sales team. You just need a portion of motivation, courage and love for details – we are looking forward to your application.

Work behind the scenes: Area administration –AT

Our area of administration is an “Enabler” for success for our colleagues, products and Market. Our administration belongs to the divisions Accounting, Controlling, Finance and Human Resources.

Controlling: all activities from the business get put into numbers, controlled and evaluated to be able to get information that will influence the corporation’s decisions and handlings.

The entire finance department creates the chain of value and manages payments.

The human resources team makes sure that the right talents for the Freier Group Austria are at the right place at the right time. Because talent and potential are fundamentals for success to a business, therefore the Freier Group puts a lot of hard work and effort into the development and progress of their employees.

The central sales service is our meeting point for our trading partners and our field workers as well as our corporation central and our individual departments. Starting with the completion of orders as well as the support and consulting for our partners and their requests. On top it also includes orders and bills as well as complaints and reclamations.

The IT makes sure that the entire technology infrastructure from the corporation is up and running, this entails: look of the website to supporting business transactions as well as making sure the systems are up and running in the building. A secure management of our data and the virtual communication functions only with the right technology. On top of this every employee receives the right hard- and software to be able to manage and complete their to jobs.

The helpdesk team supports day to day questions or corrections that need to be made to able a clear and structured work flow with a PC & Co. In the IT the Freier Group Austria also relies on internal know-how and a competent good built team. This team works on large business wide IT projects that are always completed.


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