We stand for contemporary, modern fashion. High qualities and fits that feel really good. Fashion for life instead of living for fashion! We know that you have more important things to do than looking for the latest fashion trend. That time for family and friends is much more important than a high-fashion outfit and that you don't need super skinny jeans that you can't ride a bike in. Because even if you love fashion, your life doesn't revolve around it. And that's a good thing! We stand for the fact that looking good and doing good can go hand in hand. For quality, substance and sustainability. For family, friendship and being there for each other. We care for each other and take responsibility. We show this in our products and in our daily approach with our suppliers and you, our customers. No ChiChi, no circus, but really good fashion - Looks that tell your story.


Discover modern, comfortable and easy-to-combine fashion. s.Oliver offers high-quality fashion and accessories for the whole family.

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We are looking for people who enjoy their work, would like to become part of a rapidly changing lifestyle world and want to contribute their specialist skills to a dynamic environment. We appreciate true team spirit and characteristics such as courage, decisiveness and enthusiasm. In short: we are looking for visionaries with a love for detail, courageous lateral thinkers and respectful team players.



comma, s.Oliver, s.Oliver Group - 24. 03 2021

Die Belegschaft am Firmenhauptsitz in Rottendorf hat erstmals einen Betriebsrat gewählt. Die gesetzlich legitimierte Mitarbeitervertretung besteht aus 15 Mitgliedern und wird künftig die Belange der s.Oliver und comma Beschäftigten am Headquarter und für die jeweiligen Showrooms gegenüber der Geschäftsführung vertreten.

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s.Oliver heralds the future of the brand with a major image campaign

s.Oliver, s.Oliver Group - 18. 03 2021

A new logo, a new claim and a new brand orientation: The fashion and lifestyle brand s.Oliver will present itself in a new light from April 2021 and starts into the future. A 360° brand campaign will be implemented as part of the relaunch.

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#StopHateForProfit: s.Oliver suspends advertising on Facebook and Instagram

s.Oliver Group, s.Oliver, comma, comma ci - 03. 07 2020

In recent months, the already noticeably tense atmosphere on Facebook has once again intensified considerably. The strong presence of hate comments against various population groups and the widespread distribution of fake news contradicts the open-minded and inclusive attitude of the s.Oliver Group.

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