»We are friends. We are family. We are s.Oliver ‒ We live our slogan daily in the store!«

On the trail of the customer: Dirk Mühlig is Store Manager at s.Oliver’s Cologne branch. For 10 years, Mühlig, who trained as a wholesale and international trade executive, has worked for the family business from Würzburg, first in Frankfurt, and then in Cologne. And he still loves to sell. Recently, a delighted »There he is!« could be heard ringing across the Cologne store. A customer from Dirk’s early days in Frankfurt had recognized him years later. »Encounters like this make me very happy«, Dirk recalls proudly, before adding mischievously: »We are friends. We are family. We are s.Oliver — we live our slogan daily in the store!« It’s a wow experience that ranks alongside Dirk meeting Anastacia 2006 in the Frankfurt store — the singer and s.Oliver were collaborating on a campaign at the time.

»For me, the special thing about this job is dealing with lots of different people«, explains the Bad Brückenauer-born Dirk. As Store Manager he has plenty of opportunities for meeting people: his responsibilities include sales, organisation, and management of personnel and products. In this, he follows a very pragmatic motto: everyone is responsible for dealing with the matter in hand, whether it’s arranging the store or its contents, and ensuring that it’s the best it can be. Customers, colleagues and superiors alike, Dirk’s positive, motivational way inspires many. »Together with my team, I am responsible for projecting the spirit of s.Oliver.« And this is an ethos he is happy to pass on to others. For some time now he has been touring branches, providing encouragement and training. »I am a person who is always open to new ideas«, he says. Since Dirk launched his career in the textile trade at the House of Beauty in Frankfurt, fashion has played an important role in his life. And not only from a professional point of view when dealing with collections and customers. Just as exciting for him are city trips to London or New York to see how people dress, and how to sell — experiences that confirm that his company offers a healthy mix of fashionable items and basics. The bottom line after ten years on the Rottendorf runway: »Knowing that s.Oliver is doing the right thing gives me a good feeling!«