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The new autumn/winter 2023 campaign from s.Oliver: Everyday People & Everyday Habits

At s.Oliver, we are all about one thing: Everyday People – and their individual day-to-day lives. That’s why the new autumn/winter 2023 campaign from s.Oliver revolves around our daily habits, little rituals and personal preferences: Casual or dressed? Action or relaxation?Breakfast or no breakfast? It’s up to you – your everyday, your habits.

The fact is: In autumn and winter we dedicate more me-time to ourselves. It is the perfect season to embrace your quirks and get to know yourself better. So what are your Everyday Habits? Coffee or tea? Friends or family? Dressed or casual? Whatever your day looks like, the autumn/winter campaign from s.Oliver brings together our Everyday Habits with contemporary fashion in order to show that every person is unique.

For the campaign, photographer Matt Jones shot our Everyday Outerwear in a wool puffer look and timeless hero styles from s.Oliver, to name just a few. While at s.Oliver Black Label,
the focus is on autumnal occasion wear looks, friendly leather and knitted artworks as well as monochrome looks.

Top models such as Birgit Kos and Binta Diop wear the new collection and use it to express an important message: be yourself – with all of your quirks.

Photos: s.Oliver / Matt Jones usable until: 31.03.2024


s.Oliver is the brand for her, him and you. Or as we like to say: everyday people. We stand for fashion that combines versatility and attention to detail in our collections. What drives us? A high demand for quality and the durability of our products as well as our social responsibility. We set new and forward-looking trends in the fashion world. Our designs appeal to discerning, self-confident and stylish people who go their own way. And we are there - for their big and small moments.

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