About Us

LIEBESKIND BERLIN is the Berlin Bag Brand - inspired by our city, our collections are characterized by versatility and multifunctionality, where uncomplicated handling and sophisticated design come together. Creating daily companions for a city full of contrasts is both an inspiration and a challenge for us. If you want, you can find the right LIEBESKIND BERLIN bag for every occasion - or master every day with just one. Our expertise lies in developing designs that charmingly reflect the spirit of the times and yet remain timeless. As a muse, Berlin is not only a source of inspiration, but also our home and the location of our headquarters.

Spring/Summer Collection


Our development is characterized by unexpected combinations and free expression. Our goal is to develop designs that are diverse, comprehensive and authentic.

Back to the Future

Archive Collection

Imagine you're at a party and suddenly you meet your younger self. This is no ordinary evening - where past and future merge.

Our ARCHIVE collection pays tribute to the stages that have brought us here. What you experience is a dynamic interplay of innovation and nostalgia that defines the character of our brand.


Leather from responsible production

We are very proud to be a member of the Leather Working Group since the beginning of 2021. This is an association of different representatives of the leather industry who are committed to responsible production. This is how we lay the foundation for more sustainable products.