Recover – Because the Perfect Shape Is a Circle


Unfortunately, the textile industry in known for producing large amounts of waste along its value chain, putting strain on the environment in the process. But waste is not only produced in the value chain, but also in company offices and at the point of sale.

That’s why it is high time to move away from a linear business model, defined by disposing of and destroying waste, and to close the circle. In a circular business model, materials that are no longer needed are not simply thrown away but are sent to be recycled – ideally even being fed back into the company’s own production processes.

Avoiding Waste
Recycling Waste
Recyclability and Recycled Material
Avoiding Waste

As a general rule: Before we even allow waste in the first place, our first priority in terms of resource efficiency is to avoid waste and reduce it as much as possible. For example, this is why we use remnants, i.e. leftover fabric, for our collections.