More Openness and Transparency


Transparency Creates Trust

It is important to us to communicate where our products are produced in an open and transparent way. We do so in order to inspire trust. For this reason, as part of our Sustainability Program and our membership in the Alliance for Sustainable Textiles, we disclosed all active direct suppliers (Tier 1) of the S.OLIVER GROUP on the Open Supply Hub (OSH) for the first time in November 2020. Since 2022, we have also published our supplier list on our website. In the process, we are already making an active contribution towards greater transparency in supply chains in the textile industry. To ensure even more transparency, in future we also want to publish the material suppliers and raw material producers (Tier 2 and 3) from our supply chain.

Furthermore, we are working intensively with our technology partner, Retraced, to digitally map our supply chains and enable our customers to trace the origins of our products. The platform transparently communicates proof and certificates that verify the origin of materials and production under more sustainable standards. Achieving traceability for the first products in our online shop marks a significant milestone, allowing customers to track where, by whom, and under which material and social standards our products were manufactured. This functionality will be gradually rolled out for additional styles