s.Oliver reveals where fashion comes from: New tracing function enables customers to follow the clothing production chain

This week, s.Oliver is presenting the first styles for which the origin is disclosed.

The family-owned company is thus taking another consistent step towards sustainability, transparency and digitalisation.

For selected products in the online shop, customers can see where, by whom and under what social and material standards the items were produced. To this end, s.Oliver has introduced a new tracing function via the browser function. This shows the certifications and proof of sustainable material and social standards after these have also been verified by independent third parties.

One of the first traceable styles is the current Empowering Farmers collection. In this project, the S.OLIVER GROUP supports farmers in India in switching to organic cotton by paying them a price premium and guaranteeing purchase quantities. By working directly with cotton cooperatives, the supply chain is transparent right through to cotton production for the first time, which is also made accessible to customers thanks to the new tracing function in the online shop. 

The tracing function is also available for the 360° Denim product capsule, which, like its predecessors, has been optimised for recyclability. The denim products are made from at least 20% certified recycled cotton and have been treated using innovative finishing processes such as laser, ozone and nanobubble technology to conserve resources. Metal rivets have been replaced by embroidery elements and unscrewable trouser buttons have been used to improve recyclability. 

Further information on the sustainable highlights and styles here: Nachhaltigere Highlight-Produktkollektionen | Innovation | s.Oliver ( 

The tracing function is to be extended to other collections in the future.

The S.OLIVER GROUP is working with technology partner Retraced across all brands to collect the necessary data from suppliers along the supply chain and display it in the online shop. "We want to make sustainability tangible and perceptible for our customers. This includes providing credible proof of sustainability statements through transparency and traceability. In this way, we are helping to enable and promote more responsible consumption and more conscious purchasing decisions," explains Sabrina Müller, Head of Sustainability S.OLIVER GROUP. "Transparency is a fundamental driver of improvement for the S.OLIVER GROUP. The verified disclosure of supply chain and sustainability information for selected products is an important step and is to be successively expanded to other products and supply chains." 


Since 1969, the S.OLIVER GROUP has developed into a multilabel company. In addition to the brands s.Oliver and QS, the brand portfolio also includes comma, LIEBESKIND BERLIN, COPENHAGEN STUDIOS and lala Berlin. The Group employs around 4,700 people internationally.

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